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CDFaker aka FakeCD 32bit released

The 32bitted CDFaker module, originally written by Andy Armstrong and converted to 32bit compatibility by me, has now been released into the wild. Seems to work fine on both the IYONIX pc and the BeagleBoard. Be sure to use an up-to-date image on your BeagleBoard (or BIK or ARMini), early versions did not come with CDFS.

There is no proper CDFS driver for USB CD/DVD drives for the BeagleBoard yet, so CDFaker is your best bet for CD access at the moment - extract the CD image on the machine of your choice, transfer the image file to your BeagleBoard, and mount it with CDFaker. Ideally suited to extract your brand new C/C++ package from RISCOS Open Ltd.

More info and the download here - source code will hopefully follow soon.

BeagleBoard hacking and USB

I have finally started to test my new BeagleBoard. Installing RISC OS is really easy nowadays if you have the right hardware handy (i.e. an SD card and a USB stick in filecore-formatted state). One of the first apps I tried was of course CDVDBurn - seems to work fine (not tried the CD/DVD/Blu-Ray reading and writing feature obviously, but it created a correct Isoimage at an astonishing pace). Which is amazing - I didn't expect ye olde GNAT 3.03 to output ARMv7 compliant code...

The BeagleBoard activities were triggered by my USB experiments on the IYONIX. My personal history of RISC OS USB development started quite a long time ago, when I got prototype USB podules from Simtec and Castle. However, after closely examining the speed that could be achieved, it quickly became clear that USB CD writers were just not a sensible option in the good old days of USB 1.1 podules. When the IYONIX arrived and USB 2.0 support was available, time was in short supply, and I was just hoping that Castle would make their mass storage driver compatible with CD/DVD writers. It didn't happen. I always wanted to revisit the problem after RISCOS Open Ltd. released the source code for SCSISoftUSB, but basically got nowhere. And anyway, everyone wanting to use a CD/DVD writer with the IYONIX could just put an IDE model inside.

The arrival of the BeagleBoard has changed this considerably. For the BeagleBoard, USB is your only chance to add peripherals. So I started (after reading Jan Axelson's excellent USB book) with a few experiments, trying to come to grips with the Castle USB API and the USB Mass Storage specification. The prototyping code worked after an astonishingly short period of time.

Currently, code exists to enumerate USB devices, send commands to the device and send/receive data. I have now started to add the necessary support code to CDVDBurn - we will see if that works without major stumbling blocks.

Devices tested so far include a Samsung USB DVD writer as well as various IDE models connected via an IDE-USB adapter.

Another positive result: while CDFS is not yet part of the BeagleBoard RISC OS ROM image, I was successful in softloading the CDFS parts and the 32bitted version of the CDFaker module. Mounting the Isoimage created by CDVDBurn (see above) worked fine. Before tackling a full CDFSSoftUSB driver, I guess it will be a good idea to provide a simple data track extractor for BeagleBoard users, so that at least a suboptimal way of accessing data CDs and DVDs directly on the BeagleBoard.

hubersn Software closed from 2010-04-13 until 2010-04-28

hubersn Software will be closed for the next two weeks. No orders will be dispatched, no email support can be given.

Some development news

I guess the state of the website is unfortunately a good progress indicator. One "news" posting every year, and mostly promises and closing notices.

However, I think 2010 will prove different from 2008 and 2009. I am now really close to release two new products and one upgrade. Both new products will be Java-based and therefore not suitable for RISC OS, but will nevertheless help many RISC OS users. If you have recently followed Usenet discussions, you will know what will come ;-)

hubersn Software closed from 2009-03-06 until 2009-03-22

hubersn Software will be closed for the next two weeks. No orders will be dispatched, no email support can be given.

Watch out for the next big update release coming in time for the Wakefield Show.

First Blu-Ray Disc successfully written on RISC OS!

I am happy to report the first milestone on my way to implement Blu-Ray support on RISC OS. I have just (2008-04-14, 01:58h) finished formatting and writing the very first BD-RE (Blu-Ray Rewritable Medium) with an extended version of CDVDBurn using an IYONIX pc and an LG GGW-H20L drive. And what is probably most important, the CDVDBurn Extractor was able to read the data back without failure.

The code needs a bit tidying up, but seems to work fine so far - it is similar to DVD-RAM writing, but especially the error correction options are much more numerous and I have not decided yet which parameters should be user-adjustable and which not. I also have no experience with BD-R yet and also not with the double layer variants (50 GB). Having experience with more than one device wouldn't be a bad idea, too...

Blu-Ray support in development

I have started implementing support for Blu-Ray writing. Looks good so far (using BD-RE, the rewritable variant of Blu-Ray media). The writer I am using is the LG GGW-H20L. "But it is Serial ATA", I hear you say. That's correct, I am using a LogiLink IDE-to-SATA adapter to connect it to the IYONIX pc motherboard.

FYI: technically, Blu-Ray BD-RE is very similar to DVD-RAM. It supports fully drive-and-media-controlled error mapping and verify-on-write. It also does not suffer from write quality degradation if a certain writing speed cannot be sustained (very important for RISC OS, and the reason why DVD-R writing is still not available).


I am currently looking at fixing the CDFSSoftATAPI softloadable CDFS driver that is part of RISC OS Open's already released parts of RISC OS. This driver (as used in RISC OS 3.6/3.7/3.8/4.0x/5.xx) has some well-known shortcomings that makes it unsuitable to successfully drive e.g. the LG DVD writers when trying to read DVDs.

I have already identifed the critical parts that make it fail for the LG drives, but since I am not very fluent at ARM assembler, fixing it will take a while. Stay tuned!

This fixing is a stop-gap measure because my full-blown universal supports-every-drive-under-the-sun driver takes a bit longer to finish. I intend to release the fixing work as "free for everyone", and the completely new driver under a "donate if you like it" scheme.

hubersn Software closed from 2008-03-02 until 2008-03-17

hubersn Software will be closed for the next two weeks. No orders will be dispatched, no email support can be given.

A short history of CD(VD)Burn

To sum up the 10 years of CD(VD)Burn history, I have written a few words for your enjoyment. Look here.

Happy Birthday, CD(VD)Burn!

CDBurn first saw the (public) light of day on October 31st, 1997 - it was Acorn World 1997, and Warm Silence Software started selling CDBurn to the "masses" (if something like that ever existed in RISC OS land).

When I started developing the first prototype in June 1997, I couldn't imagine creating a product that would last more than 10 years. What began as a few hundred lines of BBC BASIC code to write data and audio tracks to a SCSI Philips CDD2000 is now a CD/DVD authoring solution supporting many (sometimes completely) different SCSI and IDE drives and running on everything from a RISC OS 3 A310 to an IYONIX pc.

Thanks to all customers, testers, friends and the whole RISC OS community who helped to make it happen.

New beta available soon...hopefully...

Read everything in the News.

hubersn Software at the GAG meeting/A.U.T.O. 2007-09-29

Read everything in the News.

hubersn Software will be visiting the forthcoming GAG meeting/A.U.T.O. - meet me there!

hubersn Software closed from 2007-03-10 until 2007-03-26

hubersn Software will be closed for the next two weeks. No orders will be dispatched, no email support can be given.

A new beta version was given to beta testers today - this contains the recently-hinted-at CD/DVD Extractor in a rudimentary version.

New Public Beta with DVD-RAM support available

Read everything in the News.

I have added V2.02b to the downloadable upgrades section. This fixes one very annoying bug (multisession writing) and adds DVD-RAM support if you are lucky enough to have a suitable drive.

Bouncing addresses on the mailing list

I have set various email addresses subscribed to the CDVDBurn mailing list on to "Vacation" status because they regularly were not contactable. If you have not received mail from the CDVDBurn mailing list in the last few days, please check your subscription status.

GAG Meeting/A.U.T.O. and the next three weeks

Read everything in the News.

I will be at the forthcoming GAG meeting/A.U.T.O. - meet me there to discuss hubersn Software's plans for the future, other RISC OS topics or in fact anything you'd like to discuss at all.

During the next three weeks, I will finally have a chance to consolidate all the on-and-off work I did on CDVDBurn and other tools in the past 15 months. This will hopefully result in a (free) CDVDBurn update, information about currently compatible DVD writers and the second hubersn Software product. Stay tuned!

hubersn Software closed from 2005-09-24 until 2005-10-09

To get some holiday this year, hubersn Software will be closed for the next two weeks. No orders will be dispatched, no email support can be given.

hubersn Software at the RISC OS Expo/Big Ben Show 2005

Read everything in the News.

CDVDBurn released

Wakefield 2005 saw the release of CDVDBurn, the successor to CDBurn. It is capable of writing Data DVDs on various media types (currently DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW - to be expanded).

Read everything about CDVDBurn in the News.


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